Tammany Trace

Tammany Trace

Sometimes I think we over-think doing things with our kids. We come up with ideas that involve changes of clothes, driving great distances, and steep admission fees. And while it’s fun to go all out sometimes, other times you end up having a lot more fun doing something easy. One of the easiest things to do with your kids on the Northshore is to take a walk or ride a bike on the Tammany Trace.

The Trace is a rail-trail. Basically,  former railroad track that’s been converted to a trail. With 31 miles of trail, there are tons of great places to hop on with the kids and there are plenty of fun things to see and do along the way. There are four major trailheads: two in Mandeville, one in Abita Springs, and one in Covington. I live near the Abita Trailhead and this is a perfect place to hop on the trace for a stroll. There’s a neighborhood grocery store where you can pick up a cold drink and a little shop that rents bicycles as well. The trailhead features a small playground and water feature that will keep little ones busy for quite some time.

For more information on the Tammany Trace, visit their website.

Books: Good Night NOLA

When I asked my friends on Twitter to recommend a good kid’s book with a New Orleans theme, Good Night NOLA was recommended the most. An obvious riff on the classic Good Night Moon, I was unsure whether it could live up to its inspiration.

Truth is, I like this book even more than Good Night Moon and so do my kids who are far too young to know that one is about mommy’s hometown.I think they made me read it fifteen times in a row yesterday. In fact, I suspect our current copy will be worn out before we know it–one year old’s aren’t known for being gentle.

Good Night NOLA is just plain charming.

A lovely rhyming verse introduces youngsters to all that is great and unique about the Crescent City. In the back there is a brief section that explains the verses with a more detail in case a question should arise. I’d consider this little gem a must-have for New Orleans kids, or anyone who’d like to share the magic of the city with a young one.

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